Will it be the silly things that I will do,

Look into my eyes to see me.

Will it be the things I will forget,

Look into my eyes for the memories.

Will it be the confusion that makes me anxious,

Look into my eyes for the trust I need.

Will it be the task that I will be unable to do,

Look into my eyes to see what is hidden.

Will it be your love that I have forgotten,

 Look into my eyes and what do you see!



                                     Iva Peck     

Iva Peck is a long time member of the Stand in the Light Memory Choir.  Besides her love of singing, she is an avid writer of poetry.  Her poems have been featured in many of our choir's concerts and have even been used as lyrics for our commissioned piece "Angels of Dementia".

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For us with Alzheimer’s acknowledging that there are the possibilities for something positive: the positive impact of

music that memory does not interfere with our ability to sing.


Let Us be Seen


In the cold winters of life with Dementia,

Dwelling in Yesterday for dignity,

We shan’t be ashamed,

We will come round right.


Do Lord remember us with Dementia,

Standing together, facing whatever,

All we need is love and a simple melody.



                       Iva Peck